Client Testimonials

“Vanessa helped me to move on from my spirals of negative thinking by using rational thought and reviewing the evidence. She was sympathetic and positive and helped me to recognise my successes. I only needed a few sessions to regain my confidence and joie de vivre.”

“I have found Vanessa extremely helpful in overcoming my difficulties and helping me challenge my negative thoughts during a particularly difficult time in my life. Vanessa is extremely approachable and easy to talk to and you can be assured she will always be available to offer you help and advice.”

“Vanessa is a great therapist. She is warm and kind, and has helped me to have more confidence and trust in my self. At one time I was so depressed I couldn’t see a way out, but Vanessa’s help has meant I have been able to not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but I now live in that light more often and for longer and longer periods of time.”

"if it was not for Vanessa i do not know where i would be today, when i sit and think of how i was before and how i am today it is like day and night, the CBT therapy she does is miraculous, Vanessa is the kindest most compassionate and truly a person who cares for the patient she is helping. Before starting with her I had a hard time even leaving the house, i was filled with anxiety and fear this controlled me for a long time and now i am travelling all over the world. She is one of the few amazing people you meet on this journey called life. I cannot put into words how much i appreciate what she has done for me."

Why Seek Therapy?

Therapy, either with a psychotherapist or a counselling psychologist, is about treating your mental health. It is about getting your thoughts about yourself and things around you into a balanced, integrated and supportive place. It aims at changing your behavior and perception, about internal and external experiences and life events, to your benefit.

History of Harley Street Psychology and Psychotherapy

Since the 19th century, London’s Harley Street has been considered the central location for the city’s finest medical, surgical and psychological therapy specialists. In its earliest days, in the 1860s, there were only 20 doctors on the prestigious street, but by the time the National Health Service had been established in 1948, around 1,500 medical experts were practicing their professional skills there, with the number continuing to grow ever since.

Today, there are many more reputable clinical institutions situated on Harley Street, with the number of medical professionals working there considered to be in the region of 30,000, so finding a qualified psychologist in London on Harley Street who is a good match, and can offer effective psychotherapy, isn’t that hard.

What Kind of Conditions Can a Psychologist Treat?

Psychology can help you cope with a variety of challenging mental conditions, including trauma, anger management, addiction, financial problems, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, divorce and relationship problems, eating disorders, depression and anxiety, general well-being, bereavement or loss. Many people also reach out for help from a psychology practitioner to overcome a spectrum of different phobias.

How Therapy Works

In the case of counselling psychologists, the general approach to therapy involves the following steps:

• Identifying and understanding the ideas, behaviours and emotions that contribute to your condition, state of mind, or quality of life.

• Once identified, taking effective steps towards modifying those thoughts and feelings to allow you handle life experiences without becoming mentally stressed.

• A Harley street psychologist may ask you to recall and identify any problematic life events that you have gone through in the past, that may be influencing or colouring your interpretation of events in the present.

• Drawing on scientifically based methods, the psychologist will support you to develop problem solving skills and coping techniques.

• Using
CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), gradual exposure to the source of anxiety, and challenging negative or outdated thought patterns, you will be helped to regain your sense of control as well as accessing pleasure and joy from life.

I am a chartered
counselling psychologist in London, offering CBT therapy in London. As well as offering Cognitive behavioral therapy at my Harley Street psychology practice, I also work from a consulting room in North London.

Chartered Counselling Psychologist London

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